About Daniel Ebady JD PSPP

I am a litigation and transactions lawyer equipped with a strong business and legal background that delivers legal services grounded in business realities. Budding around businesses at a very young age, I understand the hard work involved in running a business. Most businesses only have a limited budget to expense on legal services. I will work to provide transparency from the outset on our fees and lay out options at affordable prices. 

​I started my legal career at a litigation firm, where I practised mainly in the areas of corporate, commercial, construction, employment, and other areas of law. I learned that most disputes can be resolved fairly early in the process.


​Equipped with business and litigation experience, I added to my arsenal commercial and corporate law experience on the solicitor side. Advising (government) public-sector entities on their procurement obligations, with a specific focus on ensuring compliance with domestic and international trade agreements. Also advising mid-size to larger businesses from commercial transactions to purchase and sales of businesses.   

I have become the go-to lawyer for businesses and professionals on all commercial and corporate matters such as contract drafting, advice, negotiation and steering transactions.  

​When a client is involved in a dispute, I focus on settling disputes efficiently. However, if necessary, I will zealously litigate and advocate strongly for my clients to the fullest extent of the law.  



Juris Doctor                         University of Ottawa


Ontario ​


Public Service Procurement Program - National Educational Consulting Inc. 


McGuire v. Dejong and Coldwell Banker, 2021 ONSC 6044 (CanLII)

We Care Funding Limited Partnership v. LDI Lakeside Developments Inc. et al 2021 ONSC 7466 (CanLII)

Wang v. Ye, 2022 ONSC 4655