Resolving Disputes 

Zealous Advocacy 

Cost Containment 

Strategic Litigation  

In resolving conflicts, selecting the appropriate strategy may be more important than the legal rights a party holds.

At Ebady Law, we will take the time to understand your case and offer solutions catered to your circumstances. Every dispute is its own specie and requires its own solution that is designed to resolve the dispute efficiently. 

We will lay out all the options for you and advise on the risks associated with each option. We focus on resolving the dispute as efficiently as possible with a view of containing costs. Sometimes relationships can be salvaged. Drafting a statement of claim and having the registrar issuing it should be the last step - not the first.

To give you insight how we seek to resolve disputes, here is a general look on how we approach a client's matter: 

  1. Investigation: We seek to understand your case. Entirely. We will engage in deep investigation of the facts and comb through the evidence. 

  2. Options Analysis: After our investigation is concluded, we provide you with options that are available. We advise on the risks of each option and advise on the likelihood of specific outcomes. We will estimate our legal fees and disbursements that we will incur while we take carriage of your case. 

  3. Commencement: Once a specific option is selected, we commence on resolving the dispute. 

Though this is a 100,000 feet look at our process from the moment a client retains us, however, in principle, this is the process we follow. Lawyers love to work in a black box. We don't. We will aspire to be as transparent as possible.