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Risk Assessment and Risk Management 

Business Meeting

The reality is that the more successful your business is, the greater chance you will run into legal troubles. Unfortunately, this is the inevitable we cannot change that.

At Ebady Law, what we can do is consciously focus on preventing your business from running into legal troubles.

We will: (1) risk assess; and (2) risk manage. Risk assessing is understanding the risks particular in your business. Some of these risks are common to all business, and some will be specific to your industry. We will assess these risks and give you our opinion on which ones require addressing. Practically speaking, it is merely impossible to address every risk. Nor does it make sense. Since some risks are so remote that it would not be within reason to address them.

We have pointed out the risks that need to be addressed. Now what? The principal route lawyers address risk in commercial settings are through contracts. This is basically our "value-add proposition." We incorporate, shape, advise and negotiate on which clauses your commercial agreements should contain. Be it your supplier, employee, software or any other agreement your business uses.


The importance of having appropriate, well-written contracts that are curated to your needs cannot be understated. The money it can save you is unlimited.